Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

One of the most common reasons for seeking a hypnotherapist is for weight loss. If this is you and you are in luck. One of our practitioners is also a dietician. A proper weight loss program that utilises hypnotherapy will require more than four sessions, and should support you over a period of about six months depending on how much weight you want to shed. Weight loss needs to be tackled from a number of angles. We need to look at your associations to food. Is it a reward? Is it used as comfort? What beliefs do you have around food and how much knowledge do you have about nutrition – energy in and energy out. Are you exercise adverse, or are you carrying injuries that prevent you from being physically active.

We will use hypnosis to tackle unhelpful beliefs, habits and associations. Hypnosis can help you change your associations to food, and maybe deal with any emotional underpinnings that may drive use of food as a source of comfort.

Having said that, hypnosis is only part of the solution. The other part, and in many ways the most important part, is a good healthy long-term eating plan. When you come to your first consultation we will devise a plan for you to give you long-term support as you need it.