Stop Smoking

Smoking cigarettes has gone from something that was quite acceptable to something that is now quite socially unacceptable. Smokers are increasingly asked to limit their habit to particular areas, and tax increases have meant it is now quite an expensive habit. The damage of long-term smoke inhalation has largely been glossed over by many, but we know that smoke inhalation is not healthy for our bodies.

American studies show that hypnosis is much more effective than any other intervention (including patches) when it comes to quitting smoking, and anecdotally we see great results. What we would point out is that smoking can be a simple or a complex behaviour and that we need to look at why you smoke, how you smoke, when you smoke, when you don’t smoke as much, and what happens when you’re not allowed to smoke like in a plane or some other such venue. We want to find out if it’s just a habit or the way you cope with stress and anxiety. We will ask you if it is part of a more complex strategy to escape the kids, or if it just fills in time because you’re often bored at the end of the day.

Everybody smokes for a different reason and in order to have long term outcomes we have to explore how you do it and why you do it specifically. We will ask you very simply “what do you think a cigarette gives you that you cannot do for yourself?” Your answer will inform our treatment strategy.

Prediction: 1 – 5 sessions