Hypnotherapy for Self Confidence

Hypnotherapy is a well-established treatment option for people struggling with low self-confidence or poor self-esteem. if you are struggling with poor self confidence then you are running a pattern that is hard to change with standard talk therapies, but quite readily changed with hypnotherapy.


In essence we’re talking about a belief about ourselves that is counter-productive. From our point of view the goal is not high self-esteem. Sociopaths have high self-esteem. The goal is for you to become more realistic about your own self-assessment. For you to become more accepting of the good, the bad, and the relatively neutral aspects of yourself. In short your confidence levels should match your skill sets. There is nothing more dangerous than someone who is extremely confident but doesn’t have the skills to complete task.

We will ask you what criteria you use to make a self-assessment. Is the criteria external or internal? Do you assume that other people are constantly judging? Do you have an excessive need for approval? Do you tend to avoid conflict? How do you feel about failure or rejection?

Ultimately what most people deem to be poor self-confidence can be treated very well with our form of hypnosis. We will help you give yourself permission to be okay with who you are and how you are, knowing that you are a work in progress and are good at things you’ve never even heard of yet.


It is important to note that the poor self-assessment is something that you learn quite young. Unfortunately it won’t change appreciably throughout your life unless you do something significant to intervene.