Drinking & Drug Use

If excessive drug use or binge drinking has become a problem for you then hypnotherapy is arguably the best therapeutic tool available to you. Many people report that they do not have an off switch when they start drinking. That once they have one they do not know how to stop. This lack of control can have dire consequences. We have seen people who have made costly mistakes whilst drunk and have lost jobs, friends and partners as a result.

We will show you that you do have control, and can give you back the “switch”, so that you can have one or two drinks without taking it any further. Yes, it doesn’t have to be all nothing.There are different ways of drinking. There is guzzling, and there is enjoying a fine glass of wine over dinner. Most people do not deem the latter an issue.

With hypnotherapy we can give you back that level of control, and along the way will probably tackle anything that might make you prone to obsessive or compulsive behaviour. In simple terms this could just mean we tame your immediate need for gratification.  If this is a real issue for you, please act before you have to come and tell us you have made a terrible mistake and have to stop NOW!!!

Prediction: 1 – 6 sessions